Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Makeup products are existed from thousands of years. Makeup is popular among women since Egyptian time. Even in today’s time most of the women/girls like makeup products and using them. Makeup products are used by every age women/girls and everyone is crazy about them. Do you know facts related to makeup? I am sure many of you know them already, but if you don’t know than some facts are given below:

1. In order for a woman to wear makeup in Morrisville, Pennsylvania she must get a permit first. Luckily, no one is enforcing this law.

2. Neon nail polish is illegal in the United States.  While many brands tout neon shades, their colors do not possess the true neon colorant.

3. In the 1930’s, a product called “Lash Lure” was sold in the U.S. as permanent mascara. It blinded more than a dozen women and killed one.

4. Dying your hair black in ancient Rome involved feeding leeches, putting them in vinegar , leaving the substance to ferment for two months and thicken into a paste, then applying the mixture to the hair and allowing it to dry for a day.

5. Ancient Roman toothpaste contained ammonia from human urine, which whitened the teeth.

6. In the 1400’s, women whitened their faces with “ceruse”, which was made from vinegar and powdered lead. Ceruse rapidly ate the skin away, causing the need to apply more than one layer. It eventually killed the person.

7. In 1400, it was popular for woman to be hairless. They would shave their heads and pluck their eyebrows and eyelashes completely out.

8. Underarm hair was first said to be unfeminine by the Wilkenson Sword Razor Company in 1915 after a woman appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine without any.

9. In 3000 B.C. pale was desirable. People had to “bleed themselves” by using leaches or cutting into a vein to achieve this look.

10. 60% of 12 years old girls use cosmetics.

11. Bubble bath, Mouthwash and Deodorant are all considered cosmetics.

12. The founder of Maybelline named the company after his sister Maybel who inspired him to create make up products.