Sunday, 13 December 2015

19 Interesting facts about solar system

Sorry for late post. I didn’t post or active due to some personal issues. But now I’ll try my best to be active and post frequently. Today I want to share some amazing facts about solar system which are given as below:


1.  We live inside the sun. Ok, not the visible part but the sun’s outer atmosphere (Heliosphere) has been thought to extend as far as Neptune.


2. It takes Venus longer to rotate on its axis than to orbit the sun. Means a day on Venus is longer than its year.


3. In spite of Mercury’s proximity to the sun, its lack of atmosphere makes Venus the hottest planet.


4. Jupiter has largest ocean of any planet.


5. If the sun were the size of white blood cell the solar system would be the size of the United State.


6. Ceres is the only dwarf planet in the main part of the solar system. Found is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and actually consist of 1/3 of the asteroid belt matter.


7. Ceres actually contains more fresh water beneath its surface than all the fresh water on earth combined.


8. Hyperion, one of the Saturn’s moon is the largest non-spherical moon in the solar system. It looks spongy. It is half as dense as water and would actually float in the bathtub if it was big enough.


9. Eris is the largest dwarf planet in the solar system and it orbits the sun at three times the distance of Pluto.


10. There is an asteroid called 243 lda has its own moon.


11. There are more stars in the sky then all of the grains of sand on the earth.


12. In space astronauts cannot cry because there is no gravity, so the tears can’t flow.


13. If you shouted in space even if someone was right next to you they wouldn’t be able to hear you as there is no air to carry your message.


14. It is impossible to snore while sleeping in the weightless of space.


15. About 99.86% of the mass of solar system is made up of the sun.


16. Pluto is smaller than USA.


17. The edge of solar system is 1000 times farther away than Pluto.


18. Almost everything on earth is rare element.


19. There are mars rock on earth.